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What the World Would Be Like If Website Testing Didn’t Exist

Are you thinking website testing is irrelevant? Feeling your job is not appreciated as it should be? Well not at all. Thank you all, website testers that are making Internet a truly wonderful place. Thanks to you there is progress and healthy competition amongst various website developers. How would the internet look without you testing it? Horrible!

Simply imagine that every single site is never tested. What are we receiving as a result?

  • Performance sucks at the total of 95% of websites. The load speed takes centuries. It’s like web is back in the 90es.
  • There would’ve been bugs everywhere. Blocks would hop on blocks, registration forms will be unreadable, without even mentioning all the typos and errors.
  • Security would suffer dramatically. How much data are you trusting some websites? Credit card information is the minimum, right? Imagine what might happen if nobody has tested the security flaws of those sites?

Just imagine the impact you are causing to web-development on a daily basis! A website is something public. Imagine the impact on the brand name it has after going live. You are testing the sites basic functionality, its accessibility, the impact of traffic it will have to manage, security flaws and so much more. All that for a great cause. For users to appreciate what web has to offer.

I believe there would actually be no internet without website testing as nobody would wish to be in a place like that. Thus no pizza deliveries, no online shows and games, no social networks like Facebook. Nothing of those things we love would even exist. Thus your job of testers may be considered curtail to the very evolution of mankind (and I don’t mean the ability of ordering pizza online) as internet is equal to progress, shared and gained knowledge, skill, a source of news and even revolutions to some countries that wish better. I’d be proud if I were you!

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