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Straightforward Steps That Convert Your Burdensome Technical Debt into Pure, Reliable Lines of Code

Greetings, and before we begin I would like to notice I’m fully aware you are a man of business and your time is priceless so you may consider not to waste it by reading this letter. Thus we will get straight to the point from the beginning. Words I am writing right now can and…

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What’s Localization Testing REALLY About?

Many applications that are developed today are not limited to certain regions or countries. Internet and ease of access grant enormous reach to apps. People from China, Poland, Hungary and Australia may easily play a game developed in Washington DC. The sky is the limit, but one question remains: will everyone on the entire globe…

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Adjusting Web.Config to QA Purposes and Beyond with Easy Automation

web.config configurations Have you ever had issues with changes inside your web.config file due the app is either in QA or development or production mode, etc.? Surely you have faced some of these seemingly minor difficulties in at least several of your projects. Especially if the app we are talking about is using various database…

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Fuzzing Tools You Will Love Having On Your Web App Projects

Web application security testing may prove challenging. Luckily there are many tricks invented by now by creative and dedicated testers like, let’s say, fuzzers. What are security fuzzers? Fuzz testing tools designed to appropriately provide various random data inside the app parameters. If we are talking web testing tools should be aimed at parameter format…

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Free Online Tools That Will Rock Your WP Site’s Cross-Browser Useful Compatibility Tests

Does my WordPress site even need any compatibility testing? WordPress is a great CMS, a nice resource powering various famous websites. It provides users with various features and themes and so much more. But nothing in this world is perfect. And variety may bring chaos. Not literally of course yet there are various nuances in…

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Is JMeter Really the Best Choice for Functional Web testing?

JMeter Apache JMeter is a great tool with a well-known name and brand that is seemingly of the best possible choices if you are about to test your dynamic or static resource performance. JMeter is great with simulation heavy loads on servers and network objects. It can analyze overall performance and it can do so…

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