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Painless Usability Test for WordPress Plugins

wordpress pluginsIf your company provides WordPress development services, you might sometimes want to add to its functionality with your own plugins and themes.

But how can you ensure that your plugin will be user-friendly and really helpful? All you need is to allot several hours to execution of the usability test below.

Steps to Perform a Usability Test for WordPress

  • Make criteria for participation explicit and find 3 participants. Allot 30 minutes to one hour for the test depending on tasks and set aside some time for cleaning up your notes in between.
  • Think over the process or features you want an investigation on. Then write a list of steps a user should take to explore the feature, but give instructions based on your goal rather than clear steps.
  • Install a WordPress domain and your plugin on it. Decide on the build type by which your feature is served best by.  Configure your website for the first step precisely.
  • Back up the website database to restore between tests.
  • Ensure that voice and screen-sharing are available and can be recorded along in any set-up you chose if you are doing the test remotely. Join.me is optimal for this.
  • Execute a quick test by involving someone in your team to be sure it has no errors.
  • Ensure that the whole team’s participation. Prepare the proper environment and remember to accommodate them in a separate room not to disturb the participants.
  • Perform the set-up properly. Make sure that the participants feel comfortable, encourage them to speak up freely and remind them that no matter what their choice, the fault is with the plugin.
  • Don’t help the participants along the test, watch silently without interrupting as your goal is to track the steps users would take under natural conditions.
  • Get the observers and the moderator to take notes and hold discussion on the test.
  • After all the steps are completed, you can ask the testers a range of probing and clarifying questions.
  • Thank the user for participation and reset the website database.
  • Take time to condense the notes, make each observer choose 3 most important things to be quickly fixed on the test base. Make quick corrections of the course.
  • Execute the test cycle anew.

Executing this simple test will give you invaluable insights and confidence in the usability of your WordPress theme or plugin.

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