Usability Testing

User story
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Complete Guide through Supreme User Story Creation

Quality Assurance is a necessity in today’s world of information technology. That argument is already well defined does not require additional justifications or clarifications. However QA (surprisingly) lacks internal quality some times. Not all tests that are done in the world are worth the effort. Many teams and even entire companies offer QA services while…

Responsive testing
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Why Should An App Be Responsive And How To Test Responsive And Many More Responsive, Responsive, Responsive!

Mobile QA testing may consist of many things and if some are already usual the others are getting into trend with ten-mile wide steps. Many customers are now wishing for their apps and sites to be responsive or, at least, transferred to a mobile platform. And there is no wonder! Many people are now operating…

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4 A/B Testing Tools for Your App That Will Cost No Money

To market your mobile app successfully, you should be in a non-stop search of new ideas and solutions to learn what’s best for it. And repeated testing of mobile applications aimed at their optimization is just what you need. Thus, tools for A/B testing of mobile apps can give you good insight into how to…

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