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Smart Tests Cleanup in 3 Steps

Tests cleanupEverybody knows that a mess in the wardrobe needs to be cleared from time to time. Without any order you won’t find the right piece of clothes so easily – probably, you’ll even think it is not there and spend money on a new one. Therefore, you wasted money and resources which could have been avoided if you cleaned up the wardrobe.

What about your test repository then? A mess there leads to the same problems – you and your fellow testers will be troubled by searching for the right test and likely even waste project time on writing a new one (not necessarily better than older test).

So why bother with these problems when you can keep your test repository in a constant order by merely following the 3 steps below? Let’s consider them closely.

Step 1. Systemize the repository.

To organize your test repository in such a way that anybody could easily find a test they want, use a hierarchical filter tree in the test management system you use or create it yourself trying to make the simplest and most intuitive classification of tests by convention usage.

Step 2. Mark the tests.

Help yourself to do a faster cleanup and let others review your tests easier by giving each test one of the 4 following state labels. Put “ready” to the tests which can be run at once without revision. Label “to review” will mean that the test needs updating or improving – the details have to be described in the comments. “To repair” will be about the tests that need considerable changes to be applicable. “Obsolete” tests may be discarded without regret.

Step 3. Save the time.

Though trivial, this point is important, because you need time for your cleanup. Set aside some time deliberately or use a little free time you have between the projects for this purpose. If the time’s not enough, start reviewing your tests from the areas you consider the most critical.

Use these guidelines to organize your software testing team work, save their time and improve the results.

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