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Where Are You Headed As A Software Tester?

Despite Software Testing is experiencing growth as an industry over past years and its value is now certain many testing teams, labs and companies feel the lack of skilled and talented testers inspired in what they are really doing. This event is partly taking place due many believe they can earn some easy money at a job where nobody may check on actual results. But that is only a part of the real problem. Many great people just don’t know where to head as a tester, they have no idea what a tester’s career should look like.

How things seem to work?

So we have a tester. His name is Billy and he’s nothing but green and it’s his first day as a tester. In a perfect world his career would go according to the growth of his personal experience (we are leaving lazy testers aside as our Billy is, luckily, not one of that crowd).

So Billy shows a lot of interest from his first day and takes on more responsibilities within time. Then Billy learns to test outside the box, his skills allow him to notice what was previously undetected or invisible. Billy masters coding for more results with less time and at some point he is a master at a particular domain like, let’s say automation or regression or exploration testing, whatever. After refusing testing methodologies as the ultimate and only way of achieving goals Billy gets a level up. Afterwards Billy is a well-known tester in the community driving testing forward as he can do the right thing in ten occasions out of eleven and is capable of teaching others his skills. Billy becomes an inspiration to every tester he meets after all that and some more experience. The end.

What’s strange in the scheme?

Frankly, Billy’s story line is what would happen to a decent tester in a perfect world. But we are not living in such an environment and every single tester is a personality with a basis of unique mixes of skills and abilities. Some are already great coders when they start testing. Others can be an inspiration from their first day due their thirst of improvements and charisma. There are testers great at exploratory testing from the start and are mastering this domain within score-braking time periods. Such people feel passionate about whatever they are doing and simply don’t want another life.

So where should a tester move with his or hers career path? That question has no definite answer in the testing industry. Are you happy with what you are currently doing? Where would you wish to head to? What are you great at? After answering this questions honestly you will know the best career path possible for you particularly. Easy as that. By the way, feel free to share answers in the comments!

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  1. June 9, 2015 @ 10:15 pm Diego Blond

    Hey there o/
    I’m from Brazil, and i’m totally new at this career.
    Know nothing about codes too, i’m learning a lot from blogs and tutorials on the internet, i realized that i rly need know how to code if i wanna be a good tester, the good part is that we can find a lot of experienced testers that help those who are beginners. The problem is that are so many informations (especially when u try to learn to code at the same time) that is easy to get lost, don’t know what to learn first….
    with no help that would be REALLY hard

    • Testfort blog

      June 17, 2015 @ 2:17 pm Testfort blog

      Hello Diego,

      We would be glad to assist you, just please make thing a bit clearer:
      Do you want to learn how to code?
      Or do you wish to learn code to become better with software testing?

      After you answer these questions, it’ll be easier to give you a decent advice! By the way, you have chosen a really nice career path for yourself, lad!

      It’s just that this matter is significantly complicated and requires lots and lots of determination as well as materials. You can start with going through several of our posts? Like, this one will allow you to begin with understanding automation testing (the place where code is actually required) and this is a great list of books you could go through. They are absolutely brilliant, especially at the beginning of your career as a pro tester.

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