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Funny Pictures That Will make Any tester Laugh Straight Out Of His Testing Pants!

Just leave that web regression testing or whatever it is you are doing for a couple of minutes and relax. Make yourself a nice mug of coffee, sit down, and enjoy your break with a couple of realty funny pictures about what you are usually doing with a very serious face.

BH1TDD is so TDD…


So is that a yes?


The only way cool kids will do it…


That’s what I call a ‘shut up and take my money’ mug!


A software tester walks into a bar…


I’ll be the judge of what is conductive and what is not!


May there ever be a better definition of testing?


Ready! Set! Go!


The question of the millennium!


Sounds familiar much?


Well, cheers!


If you know what I mean!

That’s it folks! We do hope you have enjoyed this little pause and off we are to testing once again. Have a nice day!

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