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8 Tips For Writing a Good Bug Report

Unfortunately for developers, defect is an integral part of the software development process. The more efficient bug report, the more chances that defect will be fixed. Reporting a defect is a skill, so to become a pro in testing you need to achieve this skill.

We hope you will gain something after reading next tips.

Report the problem immediately

Don’t wait to write bug report late because you can miss the important details. If you found any defects while testing, report it immediately.

Clear title

Keep it short. It is very important to grasp the essence of the defect from the title. Also it will help the sys admin to find it through the large database for assigning to the correct developer.

One defect per report

No more, no less. A single bug in a report can help to avoid duplication and confusion. If you describe too many defects some of them may be overlooked.

Reproduce the bug before writing bug report

Make sure your actions lead to reproducing the bug without ambiguity. The defect should be reproducible.

Write a good bug summary

It will be easier for developer to analyze bug nature. Poor defect reports waste testing and development time.

Test the same defect occurrence on the few similar modules

Most of developers use the same code for different modules. It gives more chances that defect in one module occurs in other similar modules.

Read bug report carefully

Try to read thoughtfully bug report before hitting Submit button. Check if all of the phrases wrote implicit without ambiguity sense to avoid misinterpretation.

Don’t be rude

Use polite words in your report. You did really good job – had found the defect, but don’t criticize developer this way.

Most of the testers don’t like to write reports thinking it waste their time. But bug report is very important document and must be written in proper way. It connects tester, developer and manager. Writing a good bug report helps your company to save resources as well as create a good relationship between tester and developer.


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  1. November 23, 2012 @ 11:33 pm Ranjeet Bassi

    Great post on how to write a bug report. I have had the same problem when I was introduced to software testing. Essentially, the bug report has been clear to everyone reproducing the problem and especially for developers to find the problem in the code and fix it.

  2. April 12, 2013 @ 7:48 pm ADRIAN

    Thats’s a really neat post. I think writing bug reports it’s a general problem,and that’s why the bug reports must as clear as posible!

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