Ukraine-Powered Software Testing Outsourcing!

All you were ever curious about when thinking of outsourcing your software QA and testing to Ukraine in a lovely infographic:


Ukraine is quickly growing in the It industry over the past few years. Such cities as Odessa, Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv have become major strongholds of the IT industry.

  • Ukraine may be considered the largest country providing IT outsourcing services in Eastern Europe.
  • There are more than 1000 IT companies in Ukraine with more than 25 000 specialists in the industry.
  • Ukraine may be proud with 861 Higher Education Institutions that are annually providing 16 000 graduates with degrees in IT.
  • Ukrainian It industry has the growth rate of 20% annually since 2011.
  • For 2014 Ukrainian outsourcing market was volume with $2,4 billion.
  • 90% of companies providing outsourcing services are providing software testing and QA services.
  • If Europe outsourcing industry is considered then prices would be on their highest in Hungary with $60-sh per hour when Ukraine and Belarus are providing the least expensive services.
  • It specialists are approximately spread through Ukraine’s IT strongholds
    • Over 10K in Kyiv
    • Around 5K in Kharkiv
    • Over 4K in Lviv
    • Around 2K in Dnipropetrovsk
    • Over 1K in Odessa
  • Software testing services in Kyiv are by 15-20% more expensive from the ones provided by both Lviv and Kharkiv while several companies in Odessa and many other minor sites may be providing services that are even cheaper.

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