Those Guys Should Have Tested Better: Top 2014 Software Disasters

What is the worst part of software testing? Testers are not getting deserved recognition. If all works great all hail developers and marketers, if the product fails few people are even aware of such software. This is misleading people to a conclusion that all software ever developed is nice as it is.

However, there are still loud cases that are showing how bad it is to neglect appropriate software testing. Cases that are reminding us and the society that testers are not a team of monkeys clicking on all they see mindlessly. If it wasn’t for us there would be no software at all. And here are a few proofs to that statement:

  • You have any emergency? Well, hold on, all lines are dead, survive on your own – said emergency lines over entire 7 US states in April of 2014. So 7 entire states were left helpless for a few hours due software defects that were easily preventable, as Federal Communications Commission found out later.
  • Security breaches in the clouds when A-list nudes were leaked to the World Wide Web give you a hint? iCloud celebrity accounts were hacked with a phishing scheme. Surely Apple has invested a bit more into security since then, but seriously, why not before?
  • Heartbleed that affected most web services that are using OpenSSL library. Heartbleed allowed hackers to capture a lot of really valuable data. Surely Heartbleed was patched soon but this only proves the issue could have been easily prevented if a little more attention was paid to security testing.
  • Amazon’s embarrassing 1 penny software glitch. Surely Christmas spirit is important but 1 penny goods is a little bit too much, don’t you think? Especially for an Amazon-sized company.
  • Jump-Jet F-35B will not be release due foul testing and software glitches. The phrase is probably not the best choice, hence the jet will be released, eventually, someday, however the release has already been delayed. Perhaps that happened for the best.
  • Surely you can name a few of your own, right?

I guess my point is proven and good name of software testing may be carried with pride once again!

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  1. April 21, 2015 @ 2:31 pm Bashar Momin

    Very Interesting story and yes it may that much critical in some cases.

    Thanks for sharing !

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