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Does Tester Need to Have a Critical Approach while Testing?

The one of responsibilities tester has is validation whether program runs as intended or not. Many testers associate they-self with criminal detectives who have an approach like suspect is guilty until proven innocent. We think that good tester should have similar approach. So if before starting testing you dispose yourself that application works properly there is a big chance some bugs will be overlooked.

But if there any contexts where testers should think optimistically?

There are some cases when tester should rather spending energy on the positive then critical mindset.

  • When the mission of the testing is ensure if all the commonly and major functions are running as they should. Usually this is a last stage of the testing process;
  • If you need to check that independent modules couple with each other properly during the initial phase of integration of different modules.

There are probably some other cases when you can be not so skeptical when testing. Anyway don’t let negative feelings overpower you. Try to control the critic inside you. There are some advices on this matter:

1. Don’t judge developer, judge defect. Try to build trustful relations with programmer in order to make your cooperation more productive. To learn more how to make it check our Testing diplomacy tips.
2. Self-criticism is a very powerful skill of good testers. Try to know your weaknesses before others tell you about it. One said: “If you can’t think of at least 3 reasons how and why your proposed solution for some problem can’t fail then you haven’t understood the problem well enough.”

So it’s up to you be or not to be critical with software. Anyway, accuracy is one important think that must be observed in any situations such as writing your reports or making comments about software.

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  1. November 20, 2012 @ 8:50 am software testing

    You defined a good tester quite well. However, I’d like to add just one thing. He needs to prioritize the QA aspect of the testing and should remember that testing driven to quality is a continuous process and not just something to check out at the end of the project. This is the predominant approach in today’s software testing industry.

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