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You Have Knowledge To Share? We’ve Been Waiting!

We are happy to meet new people that are interested with software testing. We are even happier when these people are able to share their deep knowledge and experience. If you feel the urgent desire to talk about that irritating bug that took you 100500+ hours to locate or the manager that is more of an ignorant bully that needs to be more professional or you’ve found some awesome new testing methodology we have not described yet you are welcome and wanted! As long as you actually are enjoying writing.

Why post here rather than your own blog?

The bigger community of readers that may follow your post to your blog is reason one here. The thirst to share and be a nice guy is reason two. Practicing your writing is reason three. The list may go on, yet we believe you are getting where all this is headed.

We are a blog that is entirely dedicated to testing thus there are like billions of topics you may write about.

We also do understand and respect the importance of your authorship thus we will be mentioning you in the post. You will be provided with a special block that includes your best photo as well as several lines of your biography and some links that will be leading readers to your blog or website.

What are our readers interested with?

  • Software testing tips
  • Software testing methodologies
  • QA
  • Tools used for software testing
  • Testing cloud services and open device labs
  • Software testing teams and management
  • Many more things as long as testing is involved

We will enjoy everything you are willing to write as long as it’s useful and informative.

We have some basic demand as well

  • We wish our readers to be satisfied with the materials they are receiving from this blog thus we have several quality demands:
  • The article has to be of value to our audience
  • The post has to be free of spelling errors and it is to be grammatically correct
  • You are not to promote and/or advertise any particular product or service
  • The article hast to be original thus we will not be accepting articles that were previously published nor you will have the possibility to publish the post elsewhere after we have published it here
  • You are not limited with the length of your brainchild as long as it’s not shorter than 400 words or so
  • Please include several lines about yourself along with 1-2 links that will be leading readers to your website or blog and we will place that in a pretty box

You are already eager to write yet you still don’t know how to?

That one’s easy. Just write the topic of your future post down and send it to us. You may use the following address You are free to send us your full article if you wish to, yet we will not be able to publish it if it will not fit our and our reader’s requirements thus this might be wasted effort. A title and a short article plan will be quite enough to give us the general understanding of your work.

We thank you in advance for your effort as well as the desire to share and the team is wishing you only the best of luck with all your beginnings!

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