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5 Must-Know Tips to Optimize Your iOs Mobile App Testing

In the last year, iOS took the prize for the glitchiest platform on the mobile market. The National Vulnerability Database dropped a bombshell by reporting it to have almost three times more bugs and flaws than Google Android! Crucially, in 80% of cases, 3rd party applications are to blame. The mind boggles. If your business…

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Fuzzing Tools You Will Love Having On Your Web App Projects

Web application security testing may prove challenging. Luckily there are many tricks invented by now by creative and dedicated testers like, let’s say, fuzzers. What are security fuzzers? Fuzz testing tools designed to appropriately provide various random data inside the app parameters. If we are talking web testing tools should be aimed at parameter format…

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Free Online Tools That Will Rock Your WP Site’s Cross-Browser Useful Compatibility Tests

Does my WordPress site even need any compatibility testing? WordPress is a great CMS, a nice resource powering various famous websites. It provides users with various features and themes and so much more. But nothing in this world is perfect. And variety may bring chaos. Not literally of course yet there are various nuances in…

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Is JMeter Really the Best Choice for Functional Web testing?

JMeter Apache JMeter is a great tool with a well-known name and brand that is seemingly of the best possible choices if you are about to test your dynamic or static resource performance. JMeter is great with simulation heavy loads on servers and network objects. It can analyze overall performance and it can do so…

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Most Common Security Threats and Tools That Will Save the Day!

General knowledge on security testing Goals of security testing are simple: finding flaws in your software’s security mechanisms and possible vulnerabilities some may use for malicious impact. Meaning determining how exactly is the system vulnerable and what may such vulnerability lead to is what you are probably doing at your security testing sessions. To make…

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Open Source Tools You Will Love to Have for Your Test Management Sessions

Test Management The process of test together with test case execution tracking and documentation is called test management. Surely there are many tools available to assist testers with this process hence both automated and manual tests are managed with more ease. That is if the right tool is chosen. Which tools may be required? There…

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Gherkin it! Other approach for describing system behavior (with examples)

PART I. What is Gherkin And Why Should I Use It? If you work in a team where people work collaboratively together, you should know how important communication is. Even agile methodology cannot save you from spending two-week iteration on developing misunderstanding. So how can people improve their work? Without going far in the history,…

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