Security Testing

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Most Common Security Threats and Tools That Will Save the Day!

General knowledge on security testing Goals of security testing are simple: finding flaws in your software’s security mechanisms and possible vulnerabilities some may use for malicious impact. Meaning determining how exactly is the system vulnerable and what may such vulnerability lead to is what you are probably doing at your security testing sessions. To make…

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Mobile Security Testing: 10 Android Risks to Be Ready For

The Android’s recent position in the market of mobile operating systems is really unassailable. Presently some estimate its global smartphone share at almost 90 percent. Similarly, most analysts foresee Android to be dominant in mobile in a few years, much like Windows was once dominant in desktop PCs. And Google, with it multiple advertisers, vendors…

scrum master
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Tips On Facilitation For The Real Masters of SCRUM

Nobody’s ever taught me that Why hire dedicated team when you can make one? That’s why SRUM masters are on their places, right? So you are a SCRUM master? A difficult job as it is, really. And is full of things nobody will ever show-&-tell you whatsoever. Facilitation is actually one of such topics. I…

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