4 A/B Testing Tools for Your App That Will Cost No Money

To market your mobile app successfully, you should be in a non-stop search of new ideas and solutions to learn what’s best for it. And repeated testing of mobile applications aimed at their optimization is just what you need. Thus, tools for A/B testing of mobile apps can give you good insight into how to attract and gain more users for your app, no matter if it’s live or not. Whether you need to decide on the “Buy” button’s color to stimulate in-app purchases or to find out which elements to include in your app’s interface, just compare two options in an A/B test.

How to pick an A/B tool

While choosing a tool, the best markers are simplicity and ease of use. When considering different A/B tools, the criteria should also include:

  • simplicity of installation
  • number of features against the budget
  • accuracy of test results
  • form of support
  • marketing and managerial features (if necessary)
  • ability to run an experimental A/B test right away, etc.

Six options available for free:

  1. Abba

Abba can boast its multiple forms of support and absolute simplicity. This can be an advantage in that sense that most of the time dev teams need no more than some basic A/B testing features. It’s powered by Javascript and works on a self-hosted basis to let you control the tests and look up the analytics. Thus, this tool will work out perfect for you if you are familiar with server setup basics and has a Javascript-based app.

  1. Amazon A/B Testing

This mobile split testing tool will give you cheap mobile backend. This tool is mostly targeted at apps with many users, though small teams would benefit from it beyond any doubt. The tool has a plain interface which is typical of Amazon style, but it’s very functional. The tool can be used for Android, iOS and, naturally, the Amazon apps. That is, it offers no support for Windows and mobile web.

  1. Clutch.io

This one provides all the basic features you can expect in a tool for mobile app split testing. With this solution, you can create the data-driven tests and track your goals. Though there was a significant update delay, teams have been using it with good reason due to its open source distribution and easy customization. Go with this lovely tool if you need some cheap and simple starting point for customizing your own mobile split testing tool, but mind that it’s only available for Android and iOS.

  1. Switchboard

The last A/B testing solution, Switchboard, can segment your users according to UDID and it’s usable even if the user is offline. This offline feature usually is very important as app makers want their updates to be visible for users even without Internet connection. Much like Clutch.io, this tool is not updated too often, but still it’s absolutely usable and gives you a great start for creating your own solution.

As many tools for split testing offer quite a similar list of features, you should choose the one which fits your business budget and has some features meeting your individual demands. This list is based on the Autosend team research. Please, tell us about other solutions you know.

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