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Guest Post: 7 Issues of Wearables Apps Testing for your startup

Testing is a fast-paced industry that is constantly changing. Not too many years ago, it was possible to see the lists of test-cases, printing techniques or advices how to continuously back-up the apps on a 3.5” floppy. Around ten years ago mobile devices have brought a completely different set of challenges to the testing world….

iOS developers rocket their job
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7 Red Glowing Lights That Require Additional Attention In All iOS Projects

Is life possible without Apple? Probably – yes. But let’s face the truth, it wouldn’t be the same. Apple devices work for us like lucky charms with a sacred apple pictogram which will attract luck, overwhelming success, and bring unshakable confidence. No wonder, Apple has got so many fans and no wonder, iOS app development…

iOS Testing Optimization
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5 Must-Know Tips to Optimize Your iOs Mobile App Testing

In the last year, iOS took the prize for the glitchiest platform on the mobile market. The National Vulnerability Database dropped a bombshell by reporting it to have almost three times more bugs and flaws than Google Android! Crucially, in 80% of cases, 3rd party applications are to blame. The mind boggles. If your business…

Mobile performance
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How to Rock with Mobile Performance Tests?

You may believe mobile performance testing is similar to same web activities and you will be right. Bit only to some extent. Mobile performance tests are definitely wider and cover significantly more ground, although they still share same principals and core activities remain intact. Users have devices they are using to gain from your apps….

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What’s Localization Testing REALLY About?

Many applications that are developed today are not limited to certain regions or countries. Internet and ease of access grant enormous reach to apps. People from China, Poland, Hungary and Australia may easily play a game developed in Washington DC. The sky is the limit, but one question remains: will everyone on the entire globe…

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KIF VS Frank: Useful Comparison Of Integration Frameworks For iOS

iOS is a great platform that offers rich functionality and is amazingly designed from the Agile Development concept with a slight difficulty. Agile is centered on automation tests and requires lots of them when iOS cannot boast with a vast range of possibilities and tools on this frontier. However there are several splendid frameworks available…

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