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How to Rock with Mobile Performance Tests?

You may believe mobile performance testing is similar to same web activities and you will be right. Bit only to some extent. Mobile performance tests are definitely wider and cover significantly more ground, although they still share same principals and core activities remain intact. Users have devices they are using to gain from your apps….

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How Blending Levels Of Automation May Assist You With Load Testing?

Low-Level Load Testing Automation Low-level automation is what’s generally used in every load testing session. Server side performance is being verified by sets of load tests. Such tests are emulating HTTP traffic from the client side or any other low-level approach to simulating peak loads. It’s not that this will not work fine. It will…

performance testing
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All The Tools You’ve Ever Dreamed About While Testing Mobile App Performance, Part 1

If you are really to make sure you app is as fast as it takes, as strong as it takes, as scalable as it takes you are in for some Performance Testing. And you can’t test any performance without appropriate tools right? Well here are some you may find useful: Open-Source Tools Bees with Machine…

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Performance Testing. Part 2: When Should I Run All These Tests?

In the previous article we’ve spoken about different types of web performance testing. There are quite a few tests you should run to make sure your project’s performance is okay. And now as you know this you must be wondering when to run each of these. The first thing you should remember about performance testing…

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Performance Testing. Part 1: What Tests Should I Run On My Site?

When you deal with performance testing, understanding its various types is critical. Also, you should be aware of what these tests consist of and what benefits they provide for your web app. Much like a constructor needs the best tools to create a house, testers need the suitable tests to analyze web performance accurately. Look…

blog's performance
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4 Sites Which Will Effectively Check Your Blog’s Performance

The loading speed of your blog is important since it helps you increase your user engagement and improve user experience. Additionally, Google takes performance into consideration as one of important metrics of rank websites in its search engine. Given the above, most bloggers have already realized the importance of web application performance testing. To make app…

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