XBox One Crawling with Bugs?

Recently a brand new next generation game console has emerged in the World’s market. Shure it’s all shiny and fancy and expensive, but it’s new. And being new is not such a good thing sometimes. Being new means that it still has lots of bugs and glitches that were remaining unnoticed until some caring gamer hands got a hold of it.

So let’s see through some bugs that have already emerged. From the first release day the internet was flooded with complaints about stuff like buggy disc drives or even devices, that refused to switch on.

  • OMG, it’s killing my game: The disc drive bug is one of the most troublesome ones. So the thing is that when you put the game disc in the drive it starts to make scary noises (clicking, ticking and grinding) like it’s trying to destroy your favorite games very essence, afterwards it just rejects the disc without even reading.
  • Now how do you say I turn this rapid machine on? Several owners were not even able to turn the console on, due to the power supply glitches. All they had was a red flashing light. And it’s totally not fun to play with that, don’t you think?
  • Oh, come on! I wanna’ play already: Some firmware and software updates took place here and there. Several X Box owners faced serious issues trying to complete the “day one” firmware updates.
  • Hello, does anybody hear me? Some bugs crawled into the Kinect as well making it practically impossible to play Kinect based games or to recognize voice commands.

But are these bugs critical? Of course not. They are probably even fixed by the time I finish writing this article. One thing I know for sure is that, these bugs will disappear, other will take their place and the circle will go on over and over. The difference is that the new bugs will be less noticeable, less harmful ETC, so you should just remember, that new does not always equal better. You should always pay attention on quality assurance when you develop your product to avoid such mistakes.

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  1. June 26, 2014 @ 1:45 pm ZSPaulus

    The quality of both new consoles is far below standard in my opinion. Quality of products (software and hardware) in the games industry in general is remarkably low while the prices are high. The gamers seem to be less critical on what they buy. For me it has been one frustrating game release after the other and now its the same thing all over with the consoles. Imagen a car company releasing a new car with equal the amount of serious bugs present.
    Im honest enough to say that i do not own an Xbox 1, but i have the PS4. Im pretty confident the amount of problems is equal though. Both companies have had years to design and test the user interface and functionalities. Hardware is a different story due to the moment at which they decide on them but the software in my opinion should have been working flawlessly. That said; Bugs like not being able to power up the console or having it eat your disks would be blocking in my opinion

  2. July 1, 2014 @ 3:29 pm ITSaurus

    Well I do have an X box 1, haven’t met with these particular bugs, but have a few of my own. And I did hear about these also, yet I’m quite happy with my console. The quality absolutely does not match the price, but there are games worth it. Not the console, but the games I’m playing

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