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A Quick Guide to Regression Testing

regression testingRegression testing is performed to ensure the fixed bug has no impact on your product’s functioning, and to search for some new defects in already tested software. Moreover, regression testing is important to run when introducing database or program changes, fixing bugs or moving to a different network or operating system.

Here is a 5-step guide to help you carry out a systemized regression testing.

Step 1

Allocate some time for testing. As time is the first constraint for every software tester, they have to be experienced enough to provide sufficient coverage of all software’s areas in a short time.

Step 2

Fix all contributing factors. There are cases when even with its defects fixed the product doesn’t operate as intended. This is often caused by the developer’s failure to fix the root issues of defects and fixing just the secondary ones. Therefore, it’s critical to find all causative factors to fix them before the rest.

Step 3

Be careful with the fixed bugs. Sometimes when developers fix certain bugs, they may cause the new ones that can go unnoticed. That’s why when running regression tests, testers should be alert and vigilant.

Step 4

Focus on functional aspects. During regression testing only those issues affecting the app’s functionality should be taken into consideration. Design aspects are equally important, however in most cases you should not spend time on them.

Step 5

Build your regression test suite. Creating such a suite is helpful in order to expose the bugs when the software is retested.

Follow the given quick guide to make sure you miss not a single thing while running regression testing.

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