Functional Testing

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Is JMeter Really the Best Choice for Functional Web testing?

JMeter Apache JMeter is a great tool with a well-known name and brand that is seemingly of the best possible choices if you are about to test your dynamic or static resource performance. JMeter is great with simulation heavy loads on servers and network objects. It can analyze overall performance and it can do so…

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Gherkin it! Other approach for describing system behavior (with examples)

PART I. What is Gherkin And Why Should I Use It? If you work in a team where people work collaboratively together, you should know how important communication is. Even agile methodology cannot save you from spending two-week iteration on developing misunderstanding. So how can people improve their work? Without going far in the history,…

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5 Tips On Ensuring Effective Context-Driven Testing

With so many controversies in the field of software application testing you can never be sure best testing practices will work in the context of your software or application. That’s why the need for context-driven approach to testing has arisen. And here are the 5 tips on how to smartly perform context-based, or context-driven, testing….

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What’s The Difference? Telling Functional Testing From Non-Functional

Many seem to have problems in differentiating functional testing from non-functional. To eliminate misunderstandings and just to proof-check your knowledge, we provide a detailed explanation on this matter. Functional software testing To start with, functional testing is always done against the app’s business requirements that means it is a black box testing type. It takes…

scrum master
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Tips On Facilitation For The Real Masters of SCRUM

Nobody’s ever taught me that Why hire dedicated team when you can make one? That’s why SRUM masters are on their places, right? So you are a SCRUM master? A difficult job as it is, really. And is full of things nobody will ever show-&-tell you whatsoever. Facilitation is actually one of such topics. I…

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