Desktop Application Testing

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General Thoughts of Proper Testing!

This will be basic walkthrough testing in general with my general thoughts of the process I do feel like writing now as, in my opinion reminding ourselves well known facts may be of use to everybody at anytime and anywhere. Basically this is a general reminder of what testers are to achieve while doing their…

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Apple OS-based App Memory Leak Solutions Or Hardcore App Plumbing Mario Bros. Style

Did you ever consider yourself as a plumber while testing any application? Well, you sort of are one if we are talking memory leaks as you are the one locating and solving such issues. But don’t hurry to the nearby store for some blue pants with suspenders and a red hat with a big ‘M’…

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5 Tips On Ensuring Effective Context-Driven Testing

With so many controversies in the field of software application testing you can never be sure best testing practices will work in the context of your software or application. That’s why the need for context-driven approach to testing has arisen. And here are the 5 tips on how to smartly perform context-based, or context-driven, testing….

Difference between Web, Client-Server and Desktop testing
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Key Testing Features For Desktop, Client Server And Web Applications

Some people are still confused and reaching a deadlock about blurred distinction between Desktop, Client server and Web testing. But this article will shed the light on the key testing features of these kinds of testing. When you are moving from desktop to web systems, you should be concentrated on the environment, as exactly the…

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