X-Code Bots Configurations: Nailing Continuous Integration!

What are Bots?

If we are talking about X-Code applications bots are to be considered processes witch are run via the X-Code containing server in order of performing integrations of your project version within a repository of source code. Integration may be considered as a single run of a bot and consists of:

  • Building
  • Testing
  • Analyzing
  • And archiving applications (pr whatever software your project is)

That noted you are with the potential of configuring the bots in a way for them to perform Continuous Integration.

Bot Creation

Note: this step is to be commenced after a scheme was shared.

What should you do to create a bot? While using your development Mac you are to open your X-Code project that, as noted above, already contains a scheme that will be defining which actions to automate. After you are to Choose Product and, well, create a bot. Specify it’s identifying attributes.

Tip: leave the option ‘Integrate immediately’ enabled and, thus check the results of your firt integration from your log navigator.

Hit the ‘next’ key. Enter your credentials when necessary if you have already not added your repository to X-Code in Accounts. Click on ‘next’ again.

Now to the schedule specifications. You will have the schedule pop-up menu at your disposal, thus there won’t be any difficulties. Just choose what fits your project best.  Now you are to:

  • Specify your bot’s actions by clicking on the boxes fitting your project,
  • Choose if products are to be cleaned before building
  • If you are into iphone application testing or any other iOS mobile app you are developing choose which devices or environments all will be tested in while on this step.
  • Set up proper and fitting notification triggers and you are done.

A scheme

You will require a scheme to define which exact operations are being performed via integration. In order to automate your integration you will have to share a scheme and to create a bot that will be performing integrations. You will have several options here as well, that will assist with choosing which integrations a bot will commence:

  • If started manually
  • On a predetermined schedule: hourly, daily, etc.)
  • Every time a change in the repository took place

Sharing a scheme

  • On your dev Mac open the project that is containing a scheme to share
  • Go product
  • Schemes
  • Manage Schemes
  • Choose Shared checkbox for your scheme, hit close
  • Go Source Control
  • Go Commit
  • Choose “Push to remote’ if you are Git managing your project)
  • Hit Commit Files and push

You are now good and set to Integrate Continuously!

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