Tools For Automated Testing Of Mobile Applications

In this post we’re going to look through the most popular testing tools for mobile applications. Of course, we can’t describe all existing ones, bun this is a try to name the most important solutions for testers and software testing outsourcing companies.

Absolute black box – Perfecto Mobile and Device Anywhere

You may obviously know such a concept as “black box”. There are two main systems that work on this principle: Perfecto Mobile and Device Anywhere. These solutions are good because they work using real mobile phones connected with a cable and a web camera transmitting pictures from the phone.

The main function of Perfecto Mobile and Device Anywhere is not automatic testing itself, but unit’s time sale. There exist hundreds of phones nowadays and one hour of operation with just one of them will cost 15 dollars. The solution we are talking about is concerned with many platforms and mostly with Android platform, under which there is a number of different gadgets.

The main disadvantage of this way of testing is that the process is very slow. Some testers may become very nervous while doing their job.


This is a standard instrument for Apple application testing.

UIAutomation can conduct JavaScript testing scripts either in the emulator or on the device. You can test only the applications that have been collected in the Debug-mode and installed using the Development code-sign.

Using this tool you don’t need any additional libraries and also you can run tests with console.


This is a new solution for testing Android applications. TestDroid is a special plugin for Eclipse which allows create test recordings using Robotium format. This system connects with a phone through the standard debugger for Android.

TestDroid is not free: the license for it costs 600 dollars a year. The creators of the solution promise to run TestDroid server soon so that clusters for testing will be creaed. This will allow you to connect several devices to the server and run testing in parallel.

Unfortunately, the solution is hopeful but still not perfect. First, it doesn’t work with mac and still has some troubles with recording all the actions of the tests.
Maybe it’s necessary to wait for a while until the creators improve their tool.


This solution allows test applications on the great variety of platforms: iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry. Recording of the tests is available on all of these platforms, so you can test your iPhone apps on Windows! The solution works through the special application on the phone, so the tested app will not be modified in any way. You can connect your phone through the cable or Wi-Fi, and this is very convenient.


This is one of the most popular solutions for mobile application testing. Some developers say that Robotium is like Selenium but for Android apps, but it’s not.
This tool doesn’t support any recording of tests and doesn’t make screen-shots. All the tests are written using Java. That’s why Robotium could be considered as a library of common Unit tests. There’s no remote control – the ability for running tests on the device.

The tool allows test apps without any source code, but then the process is nontrivial.


This is a good solution for testing different applications for Windows, Mac, iOs And Qt.

This tool is able to work by integrating into Seapine TCM or HP Quality Center and also can provide Eclipse based IDE. You can run testing the application by using the emulator or the device. The solution supports record of tests and scripts are available in Python, Perl, Javascript and Tcl.


This is an interesting testing tool, because all the tests are written and even edited directly through the application tested on the phone or emulator. The phone has to be connected to the computer for saving tests, however. And besides you should compile some additional libraries in the application you’re testing.
This solution can also record tests in the standard format UIAutomation, so they it’s available to run them on other applications after recording.

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