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Manufactures and creators of products use the Quality Assurance (QA) process to prevent errors. Typically, QA helps to estimate the quality of the various phases of product creation, from development and research to product launch (EOL). Different types of QA processes is used by different industries. Six Sigma, LEAN, ISO 9000 are some of these. Here are the main steps, exploited by the main QA programs.

1. Identify your objectives and goals. Not all QA projects will have the same purposes. It is necessary to recognize clearly the purpose and the need behind any audit of a product. You will be creating development process detailed documentations, that can be used for future QA audits, if you’re in the product development stage. Organizational benchmarks, requirements, competitive performance and any legal questions connected with the new product should all be documented and reviewed.

2. Determine your customer. There are two types of customers: external and internal. Logistics may not be included in creation of a product, but its staff must be included in the QA process if key review for getting the product to the customer is a distribution. The producing process should be used in the distribution. It’s no matter if a product is definitely error free, but it will take forever to get to the customer.

3. Try to focus on customer requirements. QA programs are definitely for the customer. Don’t mistaken via conducting an assessment without understanding clearly needs of the customer. QA is as much about reducing the cost and compliance of production as it is about about creating a better product. These requirements should be noticed in any original documentation.

4. Remember about costs. Typically, finance has preformed a cost advantage analysis on the product before development. The aim of this analysis was to make the best quality product within an individual cost target. Pricing is addict on quality being maintained within these cost limits.

5. Product must be tested. This test must be formed on particular attributes such as customer needs, compliance, and any legal concerns.

6. Create a plan of workflow. Develop a map of workflow process. Look for redundant or non-value- added processes and take a note of the testing cycle time. Be confident in the each product are going through the same process. Error reduction and consistency are the main part of QA.

7. Create controls of process. The best controls are unobtrusive and automated.

8. Monitoring should be continuous. QA is about continuous improvements in faster delivery, product quality, reduction in cycle time and cost reduction (price to maintain competitivness).


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  1. May 4, 2012 @ 6:53 am QA Thought Leaders

    Thank you for sharing this post. In my view Quality Assurance is required in various domians. QA Testing is a crucial part be it a product or an application. With present global market reach, companies very well understand that customer wants quality products hence quality assurance and testing is required.

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