what to choose?

System and End-to-end Testing: Which One to Choose?

what to choose?

Software development can’t go without software testing services. However, there are several types of testing that might be chosen by developers at different stages of development. At this article we are going to tell you about end-to-end testing and system testing and to compare them with each other.

Main features of system testing

This kind of testing is used to understand if the software meets all user’s requirements and to look at the software from the user’s side. Usually system testing is focused on the software design, user interface and software behavior in different cases. That’s why system testing is carried out in relation to the entire application or software but not to its separate components.

Main features of end-to-end testing

Many software development companies use end-to-end testing during the whole testing process at every its stage. Generally, end-to-end testing is used to detect and fix all glitches that software has and to ensure that this will not cause the appearance of any new glitches.

And-to-and testing process runs in real-time environment and assesses communication processes of software with other applications and databases or inside itself.

What’s the difference?

While system testing requires the entire vision of software system without dividing it into different components, the end-to-end testing assumed to be provided in relation to different stages of software usage. Another difference between those two types of testing is that end-to-end testing is usually provided after any changes were made to software. On the other hand, system testing is provided at the closing stage of software development when it is necessary to find out if the software has been made in accordance with all requirements.

However, these both types of software apps testing work best when they are used altogether.

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