Software Bug

8 Factors That Cause Software Bugs

Software Bug

The absence of software bugs makes unnecessary testing process. So every tester ask, “why there are bugs in the code?” The growing of complexity of software would make sure that there are software bugs in them.

There are some reasons why bugs arise in software listed below.

Why does software have bugs?

  • Human factor. Due to human propensity to make mistakes, the software cannot be made perfectly without any bugs in it.
  • Communication failure. This factor takes place in the different levels. Communication failure, such as miscommunication, lack of communication or incorrect communication can arise when the requirements are incomplete or indistinct, also when the code is modified for second time.
  • Unreal development timeframe. The situations when tester doesn’t have enough information and his/her development schedule is limited by deadlines arise very often. It could lead to bad-quality and defective service.
  • Poor design login. For today the software development is improved every day. So many applications need more time and brainstorming to high quality of the technical feasibility. So it is not because programmers are not smart enough; it’s just because they are not allow thinking and not have enough time.
  • Poor coding practices. When lock of validation or missing error happen it could lead to arise of defects in the code. Poor tools, faulty debuggers, profiles, etc. make almost unavoidable for many programmers attracting defects and make it more difficult to debug.
  • Lack of version control. Parallel version systems help tracking all changings in set of code base. If the programmer has not make sure that the recent version control system was available, bugs could still stay into the code.
  • Buggy third-party tools. Very often the development process requires a lot of thirty-party tools, which may contain many defects in them. Such kind of bugs may in turn cause defects in the current software.
  • Lack of skilled testing. Nobody wants face it, but it is very important to have the seriousness for testing and enough skill’s base.


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