testing life cycle

7 Stages of Testing Life Cycle

testing life cycle

Being an integral part of software development process testing is carried to ensure that the developed software works well with meeting all user’s requirements and needs. There are a lot of methods of testing which may vary greatly depending on the specific features of software and development process.

As any other complex process, software testing consists of different stages and each of them is represented by a specific range of activities. Unlike methods of testing, its stages remain quite the same and include 7 different activities.

What are the stages in testing life cycle?

Test Plan

Software testing should always begin with establishing a well thought-out test plan to ensure an efficient execution of entire testing process. Efficient test plan must include clauses concerning amount of work to be done, deadlines and milestones to be met, methods of testing and other formalities like contingencies and risks.


At this stage functional validation matrix is made. In-house or offshore testing team analyzes the requirements and test cases which are to be automated and which are to be tested manually.


If the testing team has reached this stage it means that there is no confusion or misunderstanding concerning the test plan, validation matrix or test cases. At Designing Stage testing team makes suitable scripts for automated test cases and generates test data for both automated and manual test cases.


At this stage scripting is provided. In particular cases development stage also includes unit tests and generating of performance and stress test plans. Usually it happens when testing starts together with software development process.


As soon as the entire scripting have been made its execution begins. Firstly, testing team executes unit tests, and then functionality tests. They identify bugs on the superficial level and report to the software developers. After that the detailed testing is carried out. Execution stage is completed when test and bug reports are made up.

Bug fixing

When testing team identifies the bugs, they send it to IT development team. If development team considers to fix the bugs, testing team has to retest the software in order to check that no new bugs have been created while fixing.

Software is implemented

This is the final stage of the software testing when all test cases are executed and all procedures are carried out. The software is delivered to the end user who tests it and reports if any bugs take place.

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