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All You Ever Wanted To Know About This Blog And Are Not Afraid To Ask

You are now looking at the official blog of the Testfort QA Lab and we are pleased to see you here. Come closer and meet us, find out more of our experience, opinions as well as our position in life as software testers. We truly hope you will love us for what we are. Here is the less formal and ‘businessy’ part of our daily activities.

Why are we having this blog?

The entire Lab’s teem was not too fond of the entire blog idea as it seemed like extra work. But we started it anyway. Then it got bigger as every single team member has realized we are simply doing something nice and useful. Something where everybody will have his questions answered, receive handy tips, or will simply enjoy an interesting post while drinking his morning coffee.

What are we posting here?

Everything that has any relations to software testing in all of its forms and sizes. We do enjoy posting here various tool lists, tips, tricks, hacks, general testing info of educational as well as entertaining value. Our team is also fond of the fact that many people wish to post their work here as well, thus we have a guest post section. Sharing, entertaining and educating are the three stones-foundations of this blog.

What are we gaining?

The world of software testing is getting a little bit better. More information is shared and learned by our respected colleagues. If anybody’s day got better thanks to us that is a win! You’ve implemented something in your work we also consider it a win, you’ve simply enjoyed reading and shared the post with friends… One more win to our score!

Our Authors Team

Despite my considerably young age I can already be considered an experienced QA automation engineer and I have already been trusted with a team of talented experts under my lead. At first when I was offered this position I was under a lot of pressure, from myself mostly. However I have learned to manage and can now share some of my thoughts about both leadership, people management in agile QA teams and, of course QA automation.

Max, Automated QA Lead

Considering I’m a manual cross-platform tester I do have quite a sack of stories to share. I must also notice I’m relatively new to QA as my experience meter barely falls over 2 years. However, oh, what those two years were! A magical story of me discovering a whole new world of opportunities, possibilities, tricks and practices. By the way I’m a former “best practice maniac” currently under treatment as I recently understood great solutions don’t always work out as one might have expected. So, as mentioned above, I do have quite a lot of stories to share and I hope you will love them. Well, regardless of your opinion I’m 100% open to hearing out your thoughts and ideas through the comment section!

Roksolana, Cross-platform QA specialist

If you ask me, testing is entirely based around analysis of particular events, features, functionality, business values, predicted costs, budgets, estimates and so much more. Many people do not love to get involved with all those digits and metrics yet I certainly do. Analysis and QA are two of my largest passions in life, except for family of course. Regarding years of experience I’ve had in QA I do believe my writing may and will be of assistance and value to readers. Thus please be encouraged to go through my works, share your own ideas and additions through the comments and I’m looking forward to future conversations.

Ruslan, Senior Software Testing Engineer, Analyst

For many years I have dedicated myself to the industry of Quality Assurance. My first steps towards where I’m now began two decades ago and the road was long and bumpy. I loved computers since I first laid hands on them. Even then I had a neck for programming, yet preferred breaking solutions over creating new ones. This passion has remained with me till today and wow, look at me now: I’m amazing at breaking applications, I can write scripts for automating verification and I’m in charge of great, passionate new generation of tester whom I appreciate to teach some “old dog’s tricks”. To make the long story short I do the job I love while being surrounded by people I care about. From all possible outcomes I call this absolute success. And I’m willing to share both my path and my knowledge with you, fellow testers.

Alexander, QA PM/Team Lead

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